Autumn Proofing your Skin

Whether it Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring our skin needs specialized attention.  In autumn the air becomes colder and drier causing your skin to retain less moisture due to Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).  The Skin becomes dry, dehydrated and dull and if you have problem prone skin you may experience breakouts due to the dehydration and oil changes.

During Autumn moisturizing is essential even if you have oily skin they seal the moisture in your skin preventing TEWL.Occlusives, humectants, Emollients and ceramides are all the ingredients you should be looking for in your moisturizers to helps plump, hydrate and nourish the skin during th season change.

HydroPeptide’s Face Lift and Power Lift offer long-lasting hydration making them the perfect antidote to Autumn dryness.  Powerlift was featured in the latest Harper’s Bazaar as a heavy hitter in the hydration arena.

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