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“I have tried a lot of skin products over the years, and it is rare to be immediately impressed with the difference a new range has made to my skin. You can feel the HydroPeptide® serums and creams really working. The heavy makeup I’m required to wear on TV means good quality skin products are essential, and HydroPeptide® is just fantastic. I would highly recommend it!”

– Deborah Knight, Today Show, Newsreader


“Once a week, I do a light peel, like Hydropeptide®.”

– Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills and Laguna Beach

“I use the Power Serum, Face Lift and Power Lift every day and cannot keep my hands off my supersoft face after I use the Mask!”

– Trista Sutter, The Bachelorette

“I’m obsessed with Hydropeptide®’s Anti-Wrinkle Polish & Plump Peel because it has completely undone summer’s surface damage to my face. Like it never happened!”

– Amy Nadine Clement, Celebrity Makeup Artist, clients include: Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson, Anna Paquin and Krysten Ritter



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