Pigmentation worries? LumaPro-C means “Everything’s going to be ALL BRIGHT”

Chances are, if you are over 30, little dark spots are starting to appear on your face, neck or décolletage. Whether your uneven skin tone is due to sun damage, acne or pregnancy, this product is for you.

HydroPeptide®, the leader in luxury peptide-based skincare and epigenetic research, has launched LumaPro-C Skin Brightening Pigment Corrector. A targeted solution backed by epigenetic principles that work with the skin to deliver safe and effective results. This latest innovation has been welcomed by Medispas, Doctors and Beauty Salons to address one of Australia’s most common skincare concerns – dark spots – or hyperpigmentation. Dark spots on the skin don’t give a sun kissed look, but the kiss of death for a youthful healthy-looking skin. An uneven skin tone robs skin of its luminosity and youthfulness.

This skin brightening dark spot corrector follows HyrdroPeptide’s comprehensive approach to targeting common skin concerns by combining the latest proven brightening ingredients using a novel, drug-free formulation.

“The science of cellular health is our most powerful tool in developing new anti-ageing skin treatments,” said Dr Neil Kitchen, Vice President of Strategy and Development at HydroPeptide. “HydroPeptide has built a profound understanding of epigenetic regulation, the study of changes in gene expression, and we are pioneering this science to accelerate the performance of our treatments.”

LumaPro-C Skin Brightening Pigment Corrector addresses dark spots and hyperpigmentation on three levels with a potent combination of corrective skin brighteners, including 2 peptides, stable Vitamin C and, Daisy, Pine and Ginger. Together they loosen dead cell build up to enhance skin texture, fade pigmentation gently and affectively, whilst restoring a luminous even skin tone. Fabulous for backs of hands too!

Not happy with your skin’s luminosity? Definitely give LumaPro-C a go.

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