//Uncovering the Truth Behind Anti-Ageing Skin Care

Uncovering the Truth Behind Anti-Ageing Skin Care

Do we really believe in anti-ageing skin care? The many “miracle” claims out there make it easy to dismiss a lot of the products on the market.

But while there are some products that definitely won’t do what they say on the jar, there are others that are backed by pretty amazing science.

For example, HydroPeptide’s range of anti-ageing skin care products is formulated on the principle of epigenetic regulation.

This is a process where beneficial activities such as collagen production and cell renewal are turned on using peptides, while less desirable ones such as sensitivity and hyperpigmentation are switched off – resulting in improvements in the health and appearance of the skin.

Let’s take a look at the ageing process, and how HydroPeptide has been shown to be effective in working against skin ageing at a cellular level.

The skin-ageing process

Skin ageing is caused by the passage of time and genetics, but it is also influenced by lifestyle factors such as sun exposure.

Chronological skin ageing can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, skin thinning, dryness and reduced elasticity. This occurs due to loss of dermal papillae, reduced fibroblasts and cell turnover, and lower levels of collagen and elastin.

In skin ageing from sun exposure, collagen fragmentation and reduced cell turnover can lead to deeper wrinkles, skin sagging, and sometimes a ‘leathery’ appearance.

Reversing ageing at the cellular level

Rather than regenerating skin, it is more effective to work on reversing aged cellular states and improving skin cellular health – which is where peptides enter the anti-ageing story.

Peptides are short-chain proteins or amino acids that act as cellular communicators and create actions within the skin.

These include signalling, enzyme inhibiting, neurotransmitter inhibiting, and acting as carriers. These actions can, among other things, help stimulate collagen production, limit the synthesis of melanin, relax wrinkles and overcome skin barriers – in turn resulting in younger-looking skin.

Anti-ageing skin care: a HydroPeptide case study

An eight-week study of 45 patients revealed the benefits of HydroPeptide for addressing skin ageing in people with sensitive skin.

Three categories were tested – redness, sebum and fine lines/wrinkles. All participants reported significant reduction in redness or irritation, while 44 (98%) showed visible reduction in fine wrinkles.

91% also said the regime worked without any dryness or irritation and 91% reported a revitalised younger looking complexion.

HydroPeptide goes beyond moisturising the skin or covering flaws. It works from within the skin, helping it to look younger, revitalised and clearer from the inside out.

Find out how HydroPeptide’s anti-ageing skincare works from within the skin. Check out the range here.

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