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Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Use Vitamin C

by Michaela Chanmugam |

There’s no question that vitamin C is a must-have ingredient in skincare at any time of the year!

But if you’re yet to try this powerful antioxidant, we think that winter provides the perfect opportunity to integrate it into your daily regime as an addition that your complexion will be incredibly thankful for.

At HydroPeptide, we include this skin-loving ingredient in our formulas regularly so that your skin can reap the beauty benefits of this hardworking antioxidant. Here are just a few reasons why we think vitamin C is here to stay…

It brightens

While the brightening benefits of vitamin C are useful all year round, it’s the perfect winter skincare ingredient because its brightening properties can be even more effective. Although using vitamin C during summer is essential, more frequent sun exposure can cause pigment to accumulate—effectively undoing all the hard work of this multitasking antioxidant. Additionally, vitamin C can act as a photosensitiser, meaning skin is more susceptible to sensitivity and damage when exposed to the sun. For these reasons, using vitamin C during winter is a great option!

It boosts collagen production

When used at higher concentrations (10–20%) vitamin C has been shown to have a collagen-stimulating effect which is great news for your skin. Put simply, the more collagen your skin has, the healthier it is and the more hydration it can hold. While this is always important, keeping skin well-hydrated is even more important during the winter months when skin can be stripped of its natural oils due to environmental factors. Given collagen production also naturally declines as we age, vitamin C’s ability to help keep skin firm and plump is also beneficial in the fight against ageing skin!

It protects
One of the other benefits of vitamin C is the environmental protection it offers. So, it not only helps to repair and combat the visible signs of ageing—but its protective effect helps to inhibit further damage from occurring. While free radicals are damaging compounds that impair the skin’s natural barrier, removing healthy oils from its surface and leaving skin more vulnerable to environmental aggressors—antioxidants like vitamin C can effectively ‘mop up’ these free radicals and reverse their negative effects. Given that barrier impairment is more of a concern during winter because of the harsh contrasts in weather due to dry air and indoor heating—the loss of hydration and moisture can therefore be even worse in winter and another reason why vitamin C can be so beneficial. 

The best way to incorporate vitamin C into your regimen is to include both professional treatments and home-care applications. To find a treatment that incorporates vitamin C, check out our spa locator and at home, give our Firma-Bright 20% Vitamin C Booster a go. Just add 3–5 drops into your favourite serum or moisturiser for a powerful collagen-stimulating signal that perfectly compliments the well-loved brightening benefits of vitamin C. 


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