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How To Tailor
Your Genes

Learn how skincare formulated by a geneticist using
epigenetic science (aka gene tailoring) can boost the
health and beauty of your skin.


Our Science

Great Skin Can Be In Your DNA….

Our science is underpinned by two key concepts: peptides + epigenetics. For a long time, there has been a common misconception that it is your DNA alone that determines how your skin looks, feels and ages. But truth be told, we are able to tailor our genetic blueprint by harnessing the power of epigenetics.

What Is Epigenetics?

While our genetics undoubtedly play a role in our appearance—they’re not the whole story. With epigenetic science, we are able to influence how our genes express themselves, effectively turning on the genes that signal cells to act healthy—and turning off the genes that don’t. 

How does epigenetics influence your skin?

Put simply, the science of epigenetics means that your cellular age does not have to be tied to your chronological age. By formulating products that integrate powerful gene-signaling ingredients like peptides, we are able to switch certain genes on and off to test how our genes function, react and adapt. This means that your skin can effectively ‘talk back’ to your DNA and tell it to be healthier, look more youthful and feel better!

What are peptides?

Naturally occurring in our skin, these clever compounds are also incorporated into skincare products as they provide a multitude of benefits. Essentially these building blocks help to make up certain proteins—such as collagen and elastin—which are needed by the skin to feel and function optimally. As you can probably tell by our name, we have a passion for peptides and use a lot of them in our products! But not all peptides are created equal and not all brands incorporate peptides at the clinical levels we do.

At HydroPeptide we take a synergistic approach to formulating our products and peptides aren’t the only effective epigenetic powerhouse ingredient out there! By combining powerful peptides with other cutting-edge ingredients that aid, amplify and optimise cell-signaling, we’re able to deliver clinically proven results.

Peptides + Epigenetics

Peptides are the number one tool in our youth-building arsenal and when combined with the applied science of epigentics—things get really exciting! Essentially, epigenetics helps to signal pathways to allow for an increase in protein from the peptides to flow to the right areas of your skin’s cells. Clever, right? 

Epigenetics In Action

Our Chief Geneticist, Dr Neal Kitchen, leads the way at HydroPeptide and continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of epigenetics and how it can positively influence the skin’s expression patterns. With a PhD in Molecular Biology and a research background in epigenetic regulation, cellular signaling responses and ageing mechanisms at the molecular level—Dr Kitchen and his team are able to create formulas that truly impact cellular health.

Interestingly, Dr Neal Kitchen is also an identical twin—but as you can see, although he and his brother Dale have the same DNA, they don't look the same. The reason? Epigenetics. Environmental factors that started in the womb signaled their genes to express themselves differently. Not only are they different heights, but the texture and tone of their skin differs, too.

Gene-ius Skincare

We believe in ‘gene-ius’ skincare that’s clinically proven and a pleasure to use. By combining cutting-edge epigenetic science with powerful peptides and our sensory expertise—we are able to formulate results-driven, luxurious skincare products and professional treatments that make you look and feel amazing.




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